Copies and pastes objects


list copiedObjectHandles = sim.copyPasteObjects(list objectHandles, int options) int[] copiedObjectHandles = sim.copyPasteObjects(int[] objectHandles, int options)


  • objectHandles: array of object handles to copy and paste
  • options: bit-coded:
    • bit0 is set (i.e. 1): whole models are copied. In that case, all specified objects should be flagged as model base
    • bit1 is set (i.e. 2): all simulation and customization scripts are stripped away
    • bit2 is set (i.e. 4): all object custom data is stripped away
    • bit3 is set (i.e. 8): all object references are stripped away
    • bit4 is set (i.e. 16): all textures are stripped away
    • bit5 is set (i.e. 32): model tags and DNA information is stripped away

Return values

  • copiedObjectHandles: the duplicate object handles, where original and copy have the same location in their respective arrays

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