Compared to models, a scene can contain exactly the same type of elements, but additionally also includes following elements, specific to scenes:

  • The environment
  • The main script
  • Pages and views
  • A scene or scene image content can be seen through a viewable object associated with a view, itself contained in a page. When creating a new scene ([File > New Scene]), the default scene will contain following elements:

  • Several camera objects: cameras allow to see the scene if they are associated with a view.
  • Several light objects: without a light the scene would be hardly visible. The light is used to illuminate the scene.
  • Several views: a view is associated with a camera and displays what the camera sees. Views are contained in pages.
  • Several pages: a page contains one or several views.
  • The environment: the environment is composed by properties as ambient light, fog, background color, etc.
  • The floor: the floor is made-up by objects grouped in a model.
  • The default main script: the default main script should allow running minimal simulations, without the need of simulation scripts. A simulation script copied into the scene at a later stage will then also be automatically executed (called by the main script)
  • Scenes can be opened (loaded) with [File > Open Scene...] and saved with [File > Save Scene] or [File > Save Scene as]. Scene files ("*.ttt"-files) also support drag and drop operations between the explorer window and the application window. Scene files can also be double-clicked, in which case they will launch the CoppeliaSim application and be opened.