Sets the pose of an object. Dynamically simulated objects, together with their hierarchy tree, are dynamically reset (this however does not apply to static shapes)


sim.setObjectPose(int objectHandle, list pose, int relativeToObjectHandle = sim.handle_world) sim.setObjectPose(int objectHandle, float[7] pose, int relativeToObjectHandle = sim.handle_world)


  • objectHandle: handle of the object. Combine with sim.handleflag_wxyzquat to provide the quaternion as [qw qx qy qz] order instead of [qx qy qz qw] order. Can also be combined with sim.handleflag_reljointbaseframe
  • pose: the pose (array of 7 values [x y z qx qy qz qw])
  • relativeToObjectHandle: indicates relative to which reference frame the pose is specified. Specify sim.handle_world to set the absolute pose, sim.handle_inverse to set the inverse of the absolute pose, sim.handle_parent to set the pose relative to the object's parent, or an object handle relative to whose reference frame the pose is specified. If this handle is the handle of a joint, then the pose is applied relative to the joint's moving frame (unless objectHandle is combined with sim.handleflag_reljointbaseframe, in which case the pose is applied relative to the joint's base frame)

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