Executes some code in a specific script (from a plugin, the main client application, or from another script). The target script must be initialized for this call to succeed, e.g. when calling simulation scripts, then simulation must be running

From C/C++, data exchange between a plugin and a script happens via a stack. Reading and writing arguments from/to the stack gives you a maximum of flexibility, and you wil be able to exchange also complex data structures. But it can also be tedious and error prone. Use instead the helper classes located in programming/include/simStack

C++ synopsis

int simExecuteScriptString(int scriptHandle, const char* stringToExecute, int stackId)


  • scriptHandle: the handle of the script
  • stringToExecute: a string representing the code to execute in the specified script
  • stackId: 0 (for no stack) or a stack handle. The stack holds possible out values. See also the available stack functions.


  • -1 in case of an error

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