Shifts and adjusts a camera associated with a view to fill the view entirely with the specified objects or models


int result = sim.cameraFitToView(int viewHandleOrIndex, list objectHandles = None, int options = 0, float scaling = 1) int result = sim.cameraFitToView(int viewHandleOrIndex, int[] objectHandles = nil, int options = 0, float scaling = 1)


  • viewHandleOrIndex: handle of the view (can also be a floating view), or the index of the view. If the camera is not associated with any view, then you can specify the handle of the camera, together with the sim.handleflag_camera flag.
  • objectHandles: object handles. Only visible objects will be taken into account. Can be None/nil, in which case the whole visible scene will be filling the view.
  • options: bit-coded:
    • bit0 (1): if set, then individual objects will be filling the view. If not set, then models associated with model base objects will also be included
    • bit1 (2): if set, then the view proportions will be 1 by 1, independently on what the view size is
  • scaling: scaling factor. Use 1.0 for normal behaviour.

Return values

  • result: 0 for a silent error (e.g. when the indicated view doesn't exist anymore), 1 for success

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