A dummy object is the simplest object available: it is a point with orientation, and it can be seen as a reference frame. Dummies are multipurpose or helper objects: they are used alone to identify specific points or reference frames in the scene, they are also used in pairs to specify loop closures or tip-target relationships for dynamics or kinematics calculations. Following figure shows a dummy:


Dummies are collidable, measurable and detectable objects. This means that dummies:

  • can be used in collision detections with other collidable objects that are volume based, such as OC trees.
  • can be used in minimum distance calculations with other measurable objects.
  • can be detected by proximity sensors.
  • By default, the collidable, measurable and detectable property of a dummy is turned off (see object common properties).

    Dummies can be added to the scene with [Add > Dummy], or created from a shape object in the vertex edit mode.