Scene object properties

The scene object properties dialog is located at [Tools > Scene object properties]. You can also open the dialog with a double-click on an object icon in the scene hierarchy, or with a click on its toolbar button:

[Scene object properties toolbar button]

The scene object properties dialog displays properties related to objects (i.e. scene objects). The dialog is context sensitive and its content will mainly depend on the scene object selection state: only the properties of the last selected object will be displayed. Those properties are divided into 2 parts:

  • Object-type specific properties: properties specific to the selected object type. See further below for details.
  • Object common properties: properties common to all object types.
  • 2 buttons in the upper part of the dialog allow selecting the desired type of properties to display. If the object selection is empty, then all dialog items will be inactive.

    [Scene object properties dialog, currently displaying the object common properties]

    The object-type specific properties part of the dialog will display one of following dialogs, depending on the type of the last selected object:

  • The camera properties
  • The light properties
  • The shape properties
  • The joint properties
  • The dummy properties
  • The graph properties
  • The proximity sensor properties
  • The vision sensor properties
  • The force sensor properties