Adds or removes custom table data to be stored and saved together with an object, or the scene. If the tag name ends with the string "@tmp", then the data is not saved during a scene or model save operation. The data can also be saved globally for the application (for the current CoppeliaSim session). If the data is attached to an object, then the sysCall_data callback function is called asynchronously for the simulation- or customization script attached to that object


sim.writeCustomTableData(int objectHandle, string tagName, dict/list tableData) sim.writeCustomTableData(int objectHandle, string tagName, table tableData)


  • objectHandle: handle of the object where the data has to be stored, or sim.handle_scene if you wish to store the data with the scene, or sim.handle_app if you wish to store the data with the application's current session.
  • tagName: string that identifies the data. An empty string will remove all custom data
  • tableData: data to store. An empty array effectively removes the custom data from the object

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