Writes the image of a vision sensor (and applies any image processing via the vision callback functions). Make sure the vision sensor is flagged as external input


sim.setVisionSensorImg(int sensorHandle, bytes image, int options = 0, list pos = [0, 0], list size = [0, 0]) sim.setVisionSensorImg(int sensorHandle, buffer image, int options, int[2] pos = {0, 0}, int[2] size = {0, 0})


  • sensorHandle: handle of the vision sensor object
  • img: buffer containing the image
  • options: options, bit-coded:
    • bit0 set (1): the provided image is a greyscale image (1 byte per pixel), otherwise an RGB image (3 bytes per pixel)
    • bit1 set (2): the provided image has one additional byte per pixel, as alpha channel (RGBA or greyscale+A)
  • pos: position of the image portion to write, defaults to [0 0]
  • size: size of the image portion to write, defaults to [0 0], which corresponds to [resolutionX resolutionY]

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