Reads the state of a proximity sensor. This function doesn't perform detection, it merely reads the result from a previous call to sim.handleProximitySensor


int res, float dist, list point, int obj, list n = sim.readProximitySensor(int sensorHandle) int res, float dist, float[3] point, int obj, float[3] n = sim.readProximitySensor(int sensorHandle)


  • sensorHandle: handle of a proximity sensor

Return values

  • res: detection state (0 or 1), or -1 if sim.handleProximitySensor was never called, or if sim.resetProximitySensor was previously called.
  • dist: distance to the detected point
  • point: array of 3 numbers indicating the relative coordinates of the detected point
  • obj: handle of the object that was detected
  • n: normal vector (normalized) of the detected surface. Relative to the sensor reference frame

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