Deprecated. Use the simOpenMesh API instead


list verticesOut, list indicesOut = sim.getDecimatedMesh(list verticesIn, list indicesIn, float decimationPercentage) float[] verticesOut, int[] indicesOut = sim.getDecimatedMesh(float[] verticesIn, int[] indicesIn, float decimationPercentage)


  • verticesIn: array containing the input vertices (succession of x/y/z values).
  • indicesIn: array containing the input indices (3 values for each triangle).
  • decimationPercentage: percentage of the desired decimation (0.1 - 0.9).

Return values

  • verticesOut: array containing the output vertices (succession of x/y/z values).
  • indicesOut: array containing the output indices (3 values for each triangle).

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