Calculates the convex decomposition of a shape using the HACD or V-HACD algorithms


int shapeHandle = sim.convexDecompose(int shapeHandle, int options, list intParams, list floatParams) int shapeHandle = sim.convexDecompose(int shapeHandle, int options, int[4] intParams, float[3] floatParams)


  • shapeHandle: handle of the shape to operate on
  • options: bit-coded:
    • bit0 set (1): the specified shape will be morphed into its convex decomposition. Otherwise, the convex decomposition will smply be added to the scene
    • bit1 set (2): specified convex decomposition parameters will be displayed in a dialog, allowing the user to modify them.
    • bit2 set (4): same convex decomposition parameters will be used as a previous call to this function. Only when this bit is set can the convex decomposition parameters be omitted.
    • bit3 set (8): HACD: extra points will be added when computing the concavity
    • bit4 set (16): HACD: faces points will be added when computing the concavity
    • bit5 (32): reserved. Do not set
    • bit6 (64): reserved. Do not set
    • bit7 set (128): the V-HACD algorithm will be used. If not set, the HACD algorithm will be used.
    • bit8 set (256): V-HACD: pca is enabled (default is disabled).
    • bit9 set (512): V-HACD: tetrahedron-based approximate convex decomposition. If not set, then the voxel-based approximate convex decomposition will be used (default).
  • intParams: 10 int values:
    • intParams[0]: HACD: the minimum number of clusters to be generated (e.g. 1)
    • intParams[1]: HACD: the targeted number of triangles of the decimated mesh (e.g. 500)
    • intParams[2]: HACD: the maximum number of vertices for each generated convex hull (e.g. 100)
    • intParams[3]: reserved. Set to 0
    • intParams[4]: reserved. Set to 0
    • intParams[5]: V-HACD: resolution (10000-64000000, 100000 is default).
    • intParams[6]: V-HACD: depth (1-32, 20 is default).
    • intParams[7]: V-HACD: plane downsampling (1-16, 4 is default).
    • intParams[8]: V-HACD: convex hull downsampling (1-16, 4 is default).
    • intParams[9]: V-HACD: max. number of vertices per convex hull (4-1024, 64 is default).
  • floatParams: 10 double values:
    • floatParams[0]: HACD: the maximum allowed concavity (e.g. 100.0)
    • floatParams[1]: HACD: the maximum allowed distance to get convex clusters connected (e.g. 30)
    • floatParams[2]: HACD: the threshold to detect small clusters. The threshold is expressed as a percentage of the total mesh surface (e.g. 0.25)
    • floatParams[3]: reserved. Set to 0.0
    • floatParams[4]: reserved. Set to 0.0
    • floatParams[5]: V-HACD: concavity (0.0-1.0, 0.0025 is default).
    • floatParams[6]: V-HACD: alpha (0.0-1.0, 0.05 is default).
    • floatParams[7]: V-HACD: beta (0.0-1.0, 0.05 is default).
    • floatParams[8]: V-HACD: gamma (0.0-1.0, 0.00125 is default).
    • floatParams[9]: V-HACD: min. volume per convex hull (0.0-0.01, 0.0001 is default).

Return values

  • shapeHandle: handle of the new shape, or the handle of the original shape when morphing

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