Custom user interfaces

CoppeliaSim offers custom user interfaces (custom UIs) via a plugin wrapping some functionality of the Qt framework. The plugin, courtesy of Federico Ferri, exports several API functions related to user interfaces. Its source code can be found here.

The custom UIs offer Qt-style widgets such as dialogs integrating buttons, edit-boxes, sliders, labels, images, plots, etc. Any action on custom UIs (e.g. button-click, text edition, slider movement) is reported as a script callback. A custom UI is described via an XML string that follows a specific syntax. Following displays a typical custom UI:

[Custom UI example]

Specialized user interfaces are also available, via specific API functions:

  • message boxes
  • input dialogs
  • file dialogs
  • color dialogs
  • auxiliary consoles
  • text/code editors
  • CoppeliaSim also offers Qt QML functionality. See the API functions related to QML and the QML plugin source code.